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Send2Cloud provides a faster and more convenient way to send documents to Dropbox. A variety of document types are supported, and you can almost send everything you browsed on the web, pdfs, docs, images, and etc. We are aiming to support most mainstream desktop browsers or mobile browsers.

How to Use

  1. Add the Send2Cloud Bookmarklet to Bookmark Bar

    Drag the link +Send2Cloud to your bookmark bar

    If your bookmark bar is hidden, you may need to show it first.

  2. Open an Online Document

    A Sample PDF
  3. Click the Bookmarklet in the Document Tab

How It Works

  1. What is bookmarklet?

    From Wiki:

    Simply, a bookmarklet is similar to a bookmark and is saved in the same manner.

    More technically, a bookmarklet is unobtrusive script written in JavaScript and stored as the URL of a bookmark in a web browser or as a hyperlink on a web page.

  2. How is the Online Document Sent?

    With the bookmarklet, the URL of the document is sent to our server. Our server fetches the document, and forwards it to your Dropbox account.

    This saves the time and bandwidth compared with users uploading documents to servers, but impose an constraint: the link of the PDF should be static. So documents from authentication needed website (including emails) are unsupported.

  3. Can You Access My Documents in Dropbox?

    Simple answer: absolutely not.

    More detailed one: When you connect Send2Cloud to Dropbox, we get an app-specific key/secret pair (not your email address and password) from Dropbox, and we use the pair to access a newly created directory for our app in your Dropbox. We can only access that directory, and we only forward documents to it, and never read it.

Supported Browsers

OS Browser Status
Mac OS Safari
Mac OS Chrome *
Mac OS Firefox
Windows 7/8 Chrome *
Windows 7/8 Firefox
Windows 7/8 Safari x
Windows 7/8 IE 9 x
Ubuntu x
Other Other ?

* In Chrome, bookmarklet is not supported for https page.


  1. All files are sent to our servers and redirected to Dropbox servers in a streaming way, and none of your files is stored or logged in our servers.

  2. "Getting Connected" means Send2Cloud only gets the access to the subdirectory of "Send2Cloud" in Dropbox, and we don't store any of your personal information.


Apache license is applied if you want to use the source code.